Blockchains Node-Monitor

February 22, 2024

Blockchains Node-Monitor

We have introduced a monitoring system that can help operation teams more efficiently track the performance of the system. Currently in internal testing.

This system provides precise time services to clients by setting up a local NTP server, ensuring the timeliness of monitoring data. In addition, we also offer the ability to configure NTP services in bulk, allowing customers to quickly set up a large number of machines, eliminating the tedious manual configuration process.

The system also integrates Prometheus, a data collection module, and a database, allowing it to store monitoring data indefinitely and provide powerful query functions. Additionally, we have deployed grafana-server to display monitoring data, giving customers a clear view of the system’s performance through graphs and dashboard instruments.

Through the prometheus+grafana architecture, the system can display the physical operation of each instance on demand, such as CPU utilization, memory usage, and disk I/O activity, as well as the performance of each project node, such as node health and network connectivity between nodes. This information can help operations teams stay informed about the system’s performance and take timely action to address any issues.

DM is open is you need the test version of our product.