Empowering The Web 3.0 Ecosystem

BTX Capital invests in companies building the future of the Internet.

About Us

BTX Capital is a Web3 startup accelerator and trading firm since 2018.

Our Difference

We believe Web 3.0 is defined as the next generation of Internet technology that heavily relies on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies.

It aims to create more open, connected, and intelligent web applications, whichfocus on using a machine-based understanding of data. Web3’s combination of competitiveness and openness will compound in creating disruptive innovation.


Our focus is on servicing and investing in an aligned vertical of small-cap companies that can eventually meet the criteria of being highly liquid in the secondary markets.Building a highly performant, mainstream friendly Web 3.0 will require an entire ecosystem of innovative companies building top of public blockchains

If you’re an entrepreneur who is working on Web 3.0, whether focusing on applications enabled by open finance or open data, please reach out to the BTX team.

"Innovation is the calling card of the future."

Satoshi Nakamoto